Benevento, Troia e Sepino

Beginning of June we have been in Troia to document the two doors of Oderisius di Benevento. While the smaller side door is in the tradition of byzantine doors, the main door of the cathedral is something unique and almost fantasy-like with dragons and dragon heads. Truly fascinating, especially from a technological point of view! We also documented the three door handles of Sepino, which are often associated with Oderisius di Benevento, and, of course, the bronze doors of Benevento themselves. Unfortunately, the doors from Benevento were seriously damaged during WW2 and the bombardment of the allied forces. Very intesting is that even though the doors of Benevento seem to be very similar to Pisa, they were made with a complete different technique.

For images of our travels please have a look at our Twitter and Instagram profile @GAPAMET.


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