Gates to Paradise: Creating metal doors for 11th-12th century churches

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Venice, again: let’s look at the inlays!

In close cooperation with our colleagues from the CNR from Perugia, Firenze and Catania and thanks to we are back to Venice in March 2023 in order to study the inlays of the two bronze doors from San Marco. So far, we could individuate six different types of inlays through our previous XRF-analyses in…

…news for 2023

In 2023 we will complete the field documentation of the bronze doors: in May we plan to document the Gniezno doors and in June we will study the doors of San Paolo fuori le Mura and the Battistero Lateranense in Rome. Unfortunately, under the present circumstances, we do not see any possibility of studying the…


In Dicember we visited again Hildesheim, this time for XRF-analyses only. About 500 non-invasive analyses were carried out: not only the front side, but especially the back side of the door was analysed in a raster with measurement points every 20×20 cm, in order to obtain further information about the casting technology applied.

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