Gates to Paradise: Creating metal doors for 11th-12th century churches

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Sicily: Palermo and Monreale

The end of October 2022 is dedicated to four bronze doors in Sicily. At the cathedral of Monreale, we will document the doors of Barisano di Trani (who also made the doors of Ravello and Trani) and Bonanno, who is responsible for the doors in Pisa. Bonanno’s door is the largest of all bronze doors … More Sicily: Palermo and Monreale


Hildesheim, Mainz und Augsburg

In July, we are going to Germany to document the three bronze doors in Hildesheim, Mainz and Augsburg. While the first two are massive bronze doors, the door from Augsburg was made as most of the Italian doors of bronze plates mounted to a wooden base. We will keep you updated how things proceed!

Benevento, Troia e Sepino

Beginning of June we have been in Troia to document the two doors of Oderisius di Benevento. While the smaller side door is in the tradition of byzantine doors, the main door of the cathedral is something unique and almost fantasy-like with dragons and dragon heads. Truly fascinating, especially from a technological point of view! … More Benevento, Troia e Sepino

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